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classic tour

classic tour

Visitors will discover the origin of the winery, along with the estate and the medieval castle. They will explore the vineyard located within the castle walls, withvines over 40 years old and organically cultivated as well as the surrounding gardens. You will also visit the winery and the barrel cellar, following the same route that the grapes and the wine take until final bottling.

The tour will conclude with a wine tasting of Señoríode Cuzcurrita and Blanca del Castillo wines accompanied by a snack.

Price per adult: from Monday to Friday 25€, 30€ at weekends and holidays
Participants: Min. 2 adults, max. 15 adults.
Languages: Spanish, english and french.
Duration: Approx. 90 minutes.
Timetable: 10.00, 12.30 & 17.30 hrs.

Reservations by appointment. Check availability.
Phone: 941 32 80 22

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