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Legal adress at calle Alfonso XII, 34
28014 Madrid
CIF: B-81554669
Madrid Trade Register, general volume 11.560, page 1, section 8, sheet M-181.526.
Telephone +34 941 328 022 / Fax +34 941 301 620.
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 This web site has been created by CASTILLO DE CUZCURRITA, S.L. (hereinafter the COMPANY) for informational purposes and for personal use. By accessing this web site or its promotional programmes you accept the following terms and conditions.

1. The following clauses establish the terms, conditions and privacy policy of this web site and its promotional programmes, in particular those referring to Internet, whether published on this web site or on a third party’s web site.

2. Access to this web site or its promotional programmes is under the exclusive responsibility of the users.

3. The mere access to this web site, directly or via promotional programmes, does not entail any kind of commercial relation whatsoever between the COMPANY and the user.

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5. The information that appears on this web site is the valid information on the date of its last up-date. The COMPANY reserves the right to up-date, modify or eliminate the information contained on this web site.

Information modification

6. This web site cannot be altered, changed, modified or adapted. However, the COMPANY reserves the right to undertake, at any time, such changes and modifications as it deems appropriate, and may use such a right at any time and without prior notice, with respect to the availability of its products and promotions.

7. The COMPANY reserves the right to unilaterally modify the conditions and terms of use of this web site. Any modification to such conditions or terms shall be notified accordingly. The effectivity applicable to the modifications of such conditions of use shall become valid as of their publication on this web site.  


8. The COMPANY’s web site contains information in relation to the company CASTILLO DE CUZCURRITA, S.L. and its products and promotional programmes. Promotional programmes are understood as all the COMPANY’s publicity actions via any media or medium that lead directly or indirectly to this web site. The COMPANY employs maximum efforts to avoid any error in the contents that could appear on this web site. The COMPANY does not guarantee, nor is it responsible for the consequences that could arise from errors in the contents that could appear on this web site.

9. The COMPANY does not assume any responsibility whatsoever for the discrepancies that could exist between the printed documents and the electronic version published on this web site. In the event of any discrepancy between the printed version and the version published on the web site, the printed version shall prevail, except for the provisions regarding misprints and up-dates.

10. The information, contents and data of any kind contained in the pages of this web site or its promotional programmes is reviewed before publication; however, we cannot guarantee that it is absolutely free of misprints, typing errors, composition defects and equivalent problems, and therefore the COMPANY recommends that users pay attention to the possible up-dates or amendments the web site may incorporate, confirming the information of essential interest for the users, via personal, telephone or fax communication channels and that they do not, under any circumstance, make decisions only and specifically based on the web site’s information or the information of the promotional programmes published on this web site or third party web sites.

11. Promotional programmes – misprints.

All promotional programmes published by the COMPANY via any publishing medium owned or belonging to third parties, in particular those referring to banners, electronic communications via e-mail, or any other, containing any misprint whether involuntary or due to third party manipulation, have no value whatsoever and in the event of doubt, we recommend users confirm the information via the Company’s personal channels such as fax or telephone.

For informational purposes only

12. All information included on this site and its promotional programmes is for informational purposes only.

Links within the web site

13. The COMPANY is not responsible in any way for the contents, commercial activities, products and services included, that could be viewed, directly or indirectly, via links through this web site, in particular those that could correspond to contents of added value for the user, such as leisure, entertainment, items of interest, advice, etc. and to the webs sites of the brands sponsored by the COMPANY.

14. The existence of links on the Company’s web site, unless expressly declared to the contrary, is for informational purposes only and under no circumstance represents a suggestion, invitation or recommendation in relation thereto. These links do not represent any kind of relation between the COMPANY and the individuals or companies owning the web sites accessible via those links, or between the COMPANY and the centres or institutions sponsored by the COMPANY or with which the COMPANY collaborates.

15. The COMPANY reserves its right to unilaterally remove, at any given time, the links that appear on its web page.

Navigation, access and security

16. Access and navigation through this web site implies accepting and acknowledging the legal warnings as well as the conditions and terms of use contained therein. The COMPANY makes its best efforts so that navigation is performed under the best conditions and to avoid damage of any kind that could arise during such navigation.

17. This web site has been designed to support the browsers Nets Netscape NavigatorTM (version 2.0 or later version) and Internet ExplorerTM (version 7 or later version). The COMPANY is not responsible for damage of any kind suffered by the users due to the use of other browsers or different versions of the browsers for which this web site has been designed.

18. Access to this web site is carried out in an insecure environment; therefore information transmitted is not encrypted.

19. The COMPANY is not responsible nor guarantees that access to this web site will be uninterrupted or free of errors. It is neither responsible nor guarantees that the contents or software accessible via this web site is free of errors or does not cause damage. Under no circumstance will the COMPANY be responsible for the loss, damage or harm of any kind that may arise as a result of the access to and use of the web site, including but not limited to those caused to computer systems or those caused as a result of viruses. The COMPANY is not responsible for the damage that could be caused to users due to an inappropriate use of this web site.

Intellectual property

20. This web site and the contents it stores are protected by Intellectual Property law. These may not be the object of operation, reproduction, distribution, modification, public communication, cession or transformation. Access to this web site does not grant users the right or any ownership whatsoever of the intellectual property rights of the contents stored on this web site.

21. The contents of this web site can be downloaded to the user’s terminal provided that it is for his/her immediate private use and not for any commercial purpose whatsoever; therefore he/she cannot operate, reproduce, distribute, modify, publicly communicate, assign, transform or use the contents of this web page for public or commercial purposes.

22. The COMPANY does not transfer the ownership of its software to users. The user is the owner of the medium on which the software is recorded. The COMPANY holds all the industrial and intellectual property rights, including the software. If the user transfers software from this web site to his/her terminal, he/she cannot analyse it for research purposes or decompile it, translate the version of the original object code or its language to another code or language.

Trade marks

23. All brands, logos and anagrams shown on this web site are owned by CASTILLO DE CUZCURRITA, S.L. or third party companies. It is forbidden to use, permanently download, copy or distribute them via any means without the written consent of CASTILLO DE CUZCURRITA, S.L. or the third party company.

Legal actions

24. The COMPANY reserves the possibility of exercising the legal actions as appropriate against any users who breach or infringe intellectual or industrial property rights.

Privacy Policy

Personal data

25. Pursuant to the Data Protection Act 15/1999, of 13 December, we inform you that the personal data which you provide through this web, particularly via the “Reservations” and “Contact” sections, whether by telephone or electronic mail, will be treated in confidence and will be incorporated into a data base belonging to CASTILLO DE CUZCURRITA, S.L. which has been duly registered with the Spanish Data Protection Agency. Your personal data will be used to process your request for information and to administer and deliver the services offered by CASTILLO DE CUZCURRITA, S.L., and to send you future sales information regarding the wine cellar and the wine sector in general, which could be of interest. To unsubscribe from the mailing list for these electronic messages, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . This electronic mail address is protected against spambots. You will need to have JavaScript installed and activated in order to be able to see it, with “Unsubscribe Newsletter” in the subject line. Furthermore, we inform you that you can exercise your rights of access, rectification, cancelation and opposition as provided for by the Data Protection Act 15/1999, of 13 December, by sending a letter together with a photocopy of your identity card, to the following address: CASTILLO DE CUZCURRITA, S.L. REF: DATA PROTECTION, C/ Alfonso XII, 34, 28014 Madrid. The data users are required to provide which are indicated on forms with an asterisk (*) will be those strictly necessary in order to be able to provide the service to you or to be able to contact the User. In no case shall the fact of not providing more than those details which are strictly necessary mean any reduction in the quality of the service. The user guarantees that the personal information given is true and shall be responsible for advising any modification. The user shall be the sole person responsible for any harm or damage, whether direct or indirect, that may befall CASTILLO DE CUZCURRITA, S.L. or any third party, due to the forms having been completed with false, erroneous, incomplete or non-current data. Should the user include personal data of third parties s/he shall inform them beforehand of the details established in this policy of confidentiality statement, and shall be the sole person responsible for their inclusion.

26. Access to this web site could involve the use of cookies. Cookies are small amounts of information stored on the browser used by each user so that the server can remember specific information that later only the server that implemented the cookie can read. Cookies generally have a limited duration in time. No cookie from this web site allows contact with the user’s telephone number, his/her e-mail address or with any other means of contact. No cookie on this web site can retrieve information from the user’s hard drive or steel personal data. The only way, on this web site, that a user’s private information becomes part of the cookie file is if the user personally provides such information to the server. The users who do not wish to receive cookies or wish to be informed of their existence can configure their navigator for such purpose.

Jurisdiction and applicable legislation

27. The terms and conditions regulating this web site and all the relations that could arise hereto are protected under Spanish legislation.

28. Any conflicts that could arise from the access to or use of this web site are exclusively subject to the courts of Madrid capital city (Spain).

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